1 Year!!

Hey Diggers!
Yep, today marks one year of Boringly Cool.
Now let's have some highlights of the past year.
As of right now...
A total of 27,596 views have been made.
We got the least views during March 2012, with a total of 239 views.
The month with the most views is January 2013, with a total of 4,246 views.

The Top 10 Posts
(judged by total of views from said item itself, lowest to highest)
  1. Apologies! - Rom - 170 views
  2. Favorite Arts -  Rom -192 views
  3. SKYRIM - Pancho - 196 views
  4. MOAR Dubstep! - Rom - 217 views
  5. Natasha A. Coolness - Rom - 235 views
  6. Nyan Cat?! - Rom - 244 views
  7. Pancho's first post! - Pancho - 266 views
  8. MAD FATHER - Rom - 298 views
  9. Troy and Abed - Rom - 323 views
  10. W.I.W.T.H.O.W. - Rom - 548 views

The Top 10 Countries

(judged by total of views from said item itself, lowest to highest)

  1. Germany - 182 views
  2. Russia - 330 views
  3. Brazil - 358 views
  4. Mexico - 400 views
  5. France - 501 views
  6. Australia - 520 views
  7. Canada - 784 views
  8. United Kingdom - 1,057 views
  9. Philippines - 3,267 views
  10. United States - 14,768 views

Sorry that I didn't get all the flag colors right, but it's close enough.
UK, Australia, Brazil and U.S. have complex patterns, 
can't do much with just highlighting for them.

So, it all started with just me.
Domain name still the same, boringlycool.blogspot.com
but since I intended it to be just for me, it was originally
"The Boring Life of Mr. Awesome"
Why did I change it?
  1. It's a mouthful.
  2. Honestly, who calls themselves Mr. Awesome?
  3. It's a mouthful.
I used to blog on the boring side of the BC title,

And then I posted about Nyan Cat.
Back when I had a Twitter...
So I tweeted about my post and mentioned the Nyan Cat bot.
So it retweeted, and a bunch of people went and viewed it.
Then retweeted a bit...
until a lot of strange underground connections of sharing
probably led you here today.

4 months into it...
I was pretty sure you guys were getting bored of me,
so I recruited ¡PanchoJoven!.
6 months into it...
Since Pancho doesn't post that much,
I recruited ~KarrotNeko~.
11 months into it...
Both Karrot and Pancho don't post that much,
I was getting tired of reminding them,
so out of desperation I asked her,
STILL KIDDING She seriously agreed to my serious question, promising to post twice a week.
I recruited Rain.

"Hey, wanna join the blog?"


"Cool, you have been integrated into the system then."

"Alright, I'll post twice a week."

Then came this post...
You can catch on from there, right?
I can't. ಠnಠ
Again, thank you guys for coming and going, as you are.
Slender/Amnesia LP still in progress. ;)
Stay Boringly Cool.
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