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An Opinionated Collective.

I think music composition is such a rewarding pain.
There is just an endless possibility of outcomes to a song in mid-composition.
The fact you have to balance how many layers go in that build up the sound,
what instruments you use, the panning and leveling, the timing and note usage,
the overall emotion the song conveys, especially the length of the song too
just drags me to love the challenge all the more.

Tono [Kagerou Project]

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Throwback Thursday

This is what you call a masterpiece, kids.
Props to Death Grips.
Ride on.
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Artistry Brandished +Amity

As of late, I've been procrastinating a mish-mash crash course on what I have been doing off-blog, but since majority of these things probably won't matter to the average reader on the internet, I'll just touch on the creative outputs I've been releasing recently.
plus a little bit of myself that the internet has had enough of


segway post

It's been several busy busy weeks.
Thank goodness it's the weekend.
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