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As of late, I've been procrastinating a mish-mash crash course on what I have been doing off-blog, but since majority of these things probably won't matter to the average reader on the internet, I'll just touch on the creative outputs I've been releasing recently.
plus a little bit of myself that the internet has had enough of

I'll just touch on this quite briefly since I've been posting quite a lot about my music. I make Electronic music in general, but if you're asking for a specific genre I would call it Progressive Industrial Housecore. I'm very experimental and still mastering the mastering techniques of final song processing. Hassle.

Alright interwebs, it's time to discover how loving and tolerable you are.
I often doodle and post drawings onto this dA account I've created recently.
(I have an older one, but it's cluttered more than bucket of Lego.)
Here's the catch though.
These are doodles/drawings based off of the show
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Not to fear though, for I hold interests beyond this show.
(especially including music composition which overrules all)
I'm not a fan at all of NSFW works and I do not bash haters.
I'll have you know I own a Rainbow Dash figure, a Luna fold-able fan,
and I've sculpted Applejack out of clay.

This is not the end of the world.
I've been a brony even before I've been posting again since January, and obviously you haven't seen any outrageous pony posts. What does this mean? This blog does not focus on my reactions to any new episodes, or arguments on who best pony is, or showcasing fan-art of shippings.
I'm here to post about what I think the world should see, what I've created and come to be, or simply a poem. Although if my audience suddenly changes into bronies because of this post, I'd happily oblige to post more about said show. I suppose.
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