Dawn EP



Track Listing:
Peace in the World (Redux)
Fugitive (Original Mix)
Fugitive (Extended Mix)
Project Study

After these songs, I'll change up my sound.
I'll go for a more explosive and hyper-active feel.
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hi intranets

i am like so excited for this field trip that i'm gonna have like wow


Alfonso Journal Entry #2

Irrelevant Picture Activate!
The end of this week is starting to get a bit cramped up. 
After tomorrow I'm going to Bataan for practically the whole day but for reasons I am not quite sure of. 
Why AM I going so far? 
All I really see coming is a 3 hour road trip, a dip in a not-so-impressive beach, and then another 3-4 hour road trip. 
Afterwards I'm going to help set up for a whole day of auditions for a band festival happening at a school fair. 
The Organization head and officers are telling me that I should audition as a solo artist because they like my compositions and they're looking for some variety in the music that'll be played during the fair. 
I'm already booked for playing at my school's Performing Arts Cluster Show, (codenamed PAC the Show in my org), but they also want me in on the band festival too. 
(despite me not being in a band and with relatively no experience whatsoever performing electronic music live) 
Thank goodness though that there'll be a 5-day weekend coming up, from the 31st of January up to the 4th of February. 
I'm glad I can just chill for that long. 
Unless I'm given homework. 
Ugh again. 
Well, I hope that by the end of my school year I get passing grades to continue doing all this kinda stuff in 2nd year. 
I'll just have to wait and see!

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Alfonso Journal Entry #1

No, don't get any ideas here.
I named my iPhone Alfonso.
It's not a new author of this blog.
(old readers would know)
So. I decided to speak my mind through my iPhone.
It's makes a lot more sense than telling yourself about it, and it looks more productive than intense thinking.
I have no idea what I'm trying to achieve judging from the topics I go through.


My Kingdom for a 3GS

Well not quite.
You see, I've had this iPhone for almost a year now,
and I've gone through a lot with this little fella.


Poem #1

pimples, you're the death of me
you bulge with power and never leave
i once had prowess; a face so clean
i now bow my head; dirt in the seams
one day i'll conquer
this mighty feat
but now i suffer
in shallow defeat
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Music Showcasing!

So I've decided this month I would release an EP of my music.
I'm hoping to get it all mastered and exported by January 18-19 or so.
So if you're wondering what genre it is exactly, I have no idea either.
Let's say it's got a Dubstep-Electronic-DnB-House-Techno-Drumstep-SpeedCore feel to it all.
OR you can just call it ROMstep. (at least that's what my classmates call it)
I'll be giving you the full line-up (so far) and let you listen to each of them.



Well, it's been forever since a post has landed on this here blog.
But new year, let's all hear,
it's 2014!

Some changes around here:
  • It's just me writing for this blog, so it's not so jumbled whenever you read here.
  • Constant Topics (Personal posts, Books, Music, Me Fanboyin')
  • Sporadic bursts of posts no more!
  • You can now follow this blog using bloglovin'.
Anyways, it's 2014!
2013 has been quite a ride for me. New experiences since I've transferred schools for my first year at high school. And hot damn, it has been a culture shock for me. Sucks to be lazy-butt.
I've decided that I will grow up to be an author of science fiction books,
and possibly make a side career of scoring sci-fi movies with my musical hobby.
Keeping up with school the right way is quite the toughie for me,
especially when there are just so many fun things I could be doing instead.
Over time though, I've realized the importance of school and all, and so 
I've finally come to terms with all the chaotic-ness of my distractions
and started pulling my grades out of the dumps. (however I'm still there)
If you've been with this blog since 2012, you know I'm not one for writing long posts,
unless I'm really inspired (which I'm not), so I'll be going.

See ya!
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New Year, New Changes

And a lot more sophistication coming soon.