Well, it's been forever since a post has landed on this here blog.
But new year, let's all hear,
it's 2014!

Some changes around here:
  • It's just me writing for this blog, so it's not so jumbled whenever you read here.
  • Constant Topics (Personal posts, Books, Music, Me Fanboyin')
  • Sporadic bursts of posts no more!
  • You can now follow this blog using bloglovin'.
Anyways, it's 2014!
2013 has been quite a ride for me. New experiences since I've transferred schools for my first year at high school. And hot damn, it has been a culture shock for me. Sucks to be lazy-butt.
I've decided that I will grow up to be an author of science fiction books,
and possibly make a side career of scoring sci-fi movies with my musical hobby.
Keeping up with school the right way is quite the toughie for me,
especially when there are just so many fun things I could be doing instead.
Over time though, I've realized the importance of school and all, and so 
I've finally come to terms with all the chaotic-ness of my distractions
and started pulling my grades out of the dumps. (however I'm still there)
If you've been with this blog since 2012, you know I'm not one for writing long posts,
unless I'm really inspired (which I'm not), so I'll be going.

See ya!
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