My Kingdom for a 3GS

Well not quite.
You see, I've had this iPhone for almost a year now,
and I've gone through a lot with this little fella.

I've explored numerous fandoms, read tonnes of useless articles,
played a few games, and listened to whatever I could into 16GB.
However after realizing it was jailbroken, I went crazy playing with it.
In the end, I grew tired and found the option to locally restore the smartphone
without updating it. Which sent me to an endless loop of "booting up".
Over time the screen protector has gone through much torment,
the WiFi limited to a range of 1-2 meters,
the vibrate no longer operates,
and it no longer reads SIM cards.
Recently though, I have uncovered it from a box in my room, and since
I have a school field trip on the upcoming 17th I decided I could use it to better the 2GB in my cellphone.
So I begin the restoration process (after researching how to) and I've done it!

 I've decided I'll use the available 14.3 GB to good purpose and fill it up with music.
Artists like Daft Punk, deadmau5, Linkin Park, Zedd,
Fall Out Boy, Foster the People, Daniel Ingram, and many more made it in.
I'm happy to have my old friend back.
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