Alfonso Journal Entry #2

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The end of this week is starting to get a bit cramped up. 
After tomorrow I'm going to Bataan for practically the whole day but for reasons I am not quite sure of. 
Why AM I going so far? 
All I really see coming is a 3 hour road trip, a dip in a not-so-impressive beach, and then another 3-4 hour road trip. 
Afterwards I'm going to help set up for a whole day of auditions for a band festival happening at a school fair. 
The Organization head and officers are telling me that I should audition as a solo artist because they like my compositions and they're looking for some variety in the music that'll be played during the fair. 
I'm already booked for playing at my school's Performing Arts Cluster Show, (codenamed PAC the Show in my org), but they also want me in on the band festival too. 
(despite me not being in a band and with relatively no experience whatsoever performing electronic music live) 
Thank goodness though that there'll be a 5-day weekend coming up, from the 31st of January up to the 4th of February. 
I'm glad I can just chill for that long. 
Unless I'm given homework. 
Ugh again. 
Well, I hope that by the end of my school year I get passing grades to continue doing all this kinda stuff in 2nd year. 
I'll just have to wait and see!

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