!?YDAERLA 3102

New Year's is right around the corner, and so I do hope nobody gets burned from your firecrackers.
I apologize for not posting for a freakin' long time, but it was Christmas!
I mean seriously, would you prefer family time or computer shtuff?
(That was rhetorical, please don't take it seriously aaaah whatever bleh.)
Let's see what happened over that span of nothing-ness while we were gone.

                            Pancho                                                        Rom                                                      Karrot Neko

  • Rom and Pancho joined The Bro Army.
  • Pancho got sick.
  • All of us took exams... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  • Karrot Neko is extremely excited to see The Infernal Devices [edit] The City of Bones movie.
  • Rom is playing Spiral Knights again. (Bluegod)
  • Pancho enjoys watching Epic Rap Battles.
  • Rom is learning the acoustic guitar.
  • Pancho is learning the bass.
  • Karrot Neko... is currently not playing an instrument.
  • Karrot Neko gives amazing gifts during Christmas party. (THAAANK YOU but it broke...)
And that's what you missed on Glee.
That's all for now, because on New Year's Family Lunch/Gathering I have to dance Gangnam.
But I'm getting money for it.





The Previously Mentioned Shikazu-Kun returns!
This is his first attempt on Dubstep, and I like it.
It's for a school project, and I have to write the lyrics for it.
(Coming Soon)


once again....

hallow people......
don't you think its great when you read a book that
you haven't read in a long time,
AND when the characters in that book you are reading 
are reading another book that you have read
thats it for now...you happy now rom-oniisan :P 


Someone's older...

Before anything,
belated Happy Birthday Azusa-chan!
In other news, I have brought your attention here for a reason, and here it is...
kawaii desu~



halllo once more people this is karrot neko
today is the last day of our sembreak
but i went to school today thinking that
today was the first day but when i got to school
it was a ghost town........do meh i am not excited 
sorry rom you have to put the pic
(*so meh)
Drawn by Rom.
Watch it be redrawn here.
(bottom right under the picture, click the "Watch Redraw" button.)


Assassin's Creed 3

LOLERS, It's yur Boy PaNchO

Guess who got it...

Neoteric Elements!

^ That means New Stuff!

Today and Tomorrow are quite big Holidays.
Today is All Saints' Day.
Honestly I don't know how to celebrate this one...
But tomorrow is All Souls' Day!
Be sure to visit your loved ones!


Next up, Pandora Hearts!
So I have read volumes 1-3, 5, 7, 9 & 10 so far...
Technically I have read volume 4, but I got so annoyed with the grammar.
I'd rather read the official translations than the engrish translations on manga sites.
But thank you for posting anyway, translating peeps.

In order, I have read 1, 2, 3, 7, 9,10 then 5.
Weird, I know... but that's all my classmates had.
~KarrotNeko~ lent me volume 5 when I visited Pancho's house.

Things make a little more sense now...
On the back of the Manga, there's an illustration of Alice in her Human form before the
Tragedy of Sablier.
I fell in love with her dress, and so I drew it!
Still have to read volumes 6 & 8 though!

Today I'll be covering 4 topics...
The Ability to Sharpen with a Cutter.

My Dad would always sharpen this way,
and only until recently did he allow me to sharpen this way.
When he finally taught me, it was actually easier than it seemed!
I will not show you how, it's a family secret.
(No , I'm just really lazy.)

My Dad just got me a book for drawing!
Figure Drawing for Dummies!

I'll be able to draw a lot better with this big thing around!


hi people

hallo people this is karrot neko here 
this is my first time to be an author on a blog
so if I  write anything weird i am sorry
right now i am in my mom's office. 
it took me a long time to figure this out
but with the help of rom oniisan  i finally got it 
he told me to tell you guys about myself so here i go.....

i am an otaku my favorite anime/manga is Fairy Tail
my favorite animal is a duck (like Pancho)
i love the colors red and blue and if you read 
infernal devices i guess you can tell i like Jem better
than Will
and i guess you can tell i like to read alot of books
my friends call me bakaneko cause i fall alot 
and just yesterday at pancho'z house 
i feel down the stairs and hurt my arm but i guess thats normal for me
i think thats enough for now so......:3


~Karrot★Neko~ Joins!

I'm at Pancho's house right now, 
and I'm happy to announce we have 2 new authors on board!
And happy to announce a bunch of other stuff.

His latest video is him playing SLENDER.
(I hope he loses some weight.)
is our newest author starting today.
"she is really awesome."
Her trademarks are cats, ducks, carrots, and the colours red and blue.
(We always call her a baka cause she always falls down)
Popcorn The Batdog
I don't know his motives, but he will be here...


School Halloween!

Left to Right: Akita Neru, Gumi, Utatane Piko, IA, Hatsune Miku
I don't know how to cosplay that well...

I lost to zee Captein...

Anyways, our school treats Halloween differently.
It's called Literacy Day.
It's not bad or anything, just different.
So this year's theme was...
I think it was Literacy Around The World.
So the country assigned to my class was Russia.
Someone went as Sputnik, thanks to me!
Scary blurred teacher...
Pancho was in on the fun too!
(Gumi duck face)
Pancho went as Slender Man. (No I won't link you to that one.)
Apparently he got over it...
(from the other batch, Vietnam)
Although there were other Vietnam costumes, like War Heroes.


Some of my classmates cheated the theme...
Some people didn't even have a costume.
Zee Captein is actually German.
And I don't think Vocaloids are Russian.
(But they do have Russian costumes)

Speaking of Vocaloids...
My classmates (tippy-top photo) danced to the song Megu Megu ☆ Fire Endless Night

Everyone who wasn't an Otaku were so speechless with such vibrant colors... for hair.
Watch them in action!
(And I intrude the dance near the 4:00 mark)



Well, color scheme will just be simplified.
The mascot will still have to be revised, because since it's a girl, Pancho might kill me.

But then again he hasn't been posting recently, after I've been bugging him to so many times...
Well maybe I can get him to since I'm going to his house on Monday.

Sorry to disappoint, but you can check out the mascot already.
Comment about her?
No one comments here.
It's so lonely...

Anyways, recently MLB started a new tournament thing.
I'm still new to baseball, I only started yesterday.
Pancho convinced me to watch the SF Giants vs. Detroit Tigers.
I think I missed today's game though.
It was my neighborhood's Halloween thing. A little early, yes, but October 31 is on a weekday.
LÜts a' vork on zee veekdey.

But I was so happy to recognize these specific costumes:

There was a surprising lot of Finns just to point out.
It's a budget friendly, super easy costume.

Thanks for reading!


What? Evolving?!

A new logo, a new mascot, updated pages, a new color scheme.
Under Construction!


GN-001 Gundam Exia!

 (Right Side: Original Design • Left Side: Final Output for Anime)

 Last weekend I nabbed myself my first Gundam. It's an Entry Grade. (Cheap, Easy to Assemble)
GN-001 Gundam Exia!
So the moment I finished building it, I wasn't so satisfied.
So I put battle damage...

Looking at other people's work, I have to admit something.
And to think I thought I could build a decent Real Grade Gundam...

But I shall try harder next time!
On my wishlist:
RX-78-2 Gundam!
The Main Gundam of the first series.

Just letting you know, I'm only getting into Gundam now.
Don't rage on me if I get my terms wrong!

P.S. If there are any fellow model-makers reading this...
Any tips on adding details?
I find it tough.
It makes my fingers seem like the most gigantic tweezers or something.
I can never get that one sticker on the right spot...