Well, color scheme will just be simplified.
The mascot will still have to be revised, because since it's a girl, Pancho might kill me.

But then again he hasn't been posting recently, after I've been bugging him to so many times...
Well maybe I can get him to since I'm going to his house on Monday.

Sorry to disappoint, but you can check out the mascot already.
Comment about her?
No one comments here.
It's so lonely...

Anyways, recently MLB started a new tournament thing.
I'm still new to baseball, I only started yesterday.
Pancho convinced me to watch the SF Giants vs. Detroit Tigers.
I think I missed today's game though.
It was my neighborhood's Halloween thing. A little early, yes, but October 31 is on a weekday.
LÜts a' vork on zee veekdey.

But I was so happy to recognize these specific costumes:

There was a surprising lot of Finns just to point out.
It's a budget friendly, super easy costume.

Thanks for reading!

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