hi people

hallo people this is karrot neko here 
this is my first time to be an author on a blog
so if I  write anything weird i am sorry
right now i am in my mom's office. 
it took me a long time to figure this out
but with the help of rom oniisan  i finally got it 
he told me to tell you guys about myself so here i go.....

i am an otaku my favorite anime/manga is Fairy Tail
my favorite animal is a duck (like Pancho)
i love the colors red and blue and if you read 
infernal devices i guess you can tell i like Jem better
than Will
and i guess you can tell i like to read alot of books
my friends call me bakaneko cause i fall alot 
and just yesterday at pancho'z house 
i feel down the stairs and hurt my arm but i guess thats normal for me
i think thats enough for now so......:3

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