De-Rustin' Man

What I did here...
...is only worth 1%
So today I was de-rusting some shelves for my Mom to use for putting her plants on. My steel brushes and sandpaper barely scratching at the layers... 4 years of rust!
I've been working for around 2 hours today, and the only thing that satisfied me was  this little part (left) that was stripped of rust. That is the bare metal right there. But, that looks like nearly nothing compared to what I have to face with tomorrow. (bottom) Now to think 2 hours just gave me that while working on everything. Seriously... WHY? WHY?!?!

I just had a conversation with my dad on the net. And in the middle of it, he went whack.

Dad: My ass, on fire it is.
-AAAARRRGH Hust it does!!!
-Hurt it does!
Dad: Hahaha
-naah just imagining Yoda sitting on lighter fluid with a sparking robe
Me: ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Dad: The force is strong on THAT one
-Nothing, it must ne the dinner I had- making me hallucinate
-See, I also have a lot of typos
Me: What the heck dad!
Dad: Exactly.


epic post is epic

Summer is rather boring. Recently I learned how to do some Hardstyle Shuffling. It's more aggressive than what I usually do, with the kicks and the spins. Got me a little dizzy.
It actually makes more sense to do something to the floor to make it better (powder, water) ,instead of killing the grip of your shoes. It's harder to play some basketball if you can't just jump-stop. You have to -Jump-Stop-Stop-STOOPPP!!!-