The Hush Sound

If you know them, I truly like your taste in music.
They're back!

Initially, I scoffed at their sound after listening to Break the Sky.
Of course you don't judge a book by its cover,
or to fit context 
you don't judge an artist from one song.

I only had the opportunity to listen to these albums,
Like Vines and Goodbye Blues,
and I eventually fell in love with their sound.
I've been  growing a liking to songs before the 2010's.
Now that they're back from their hiatus,
I seriously want to get Forty Five!

Here's a track from it:


Redone (Classic-ized) Dubstep

Good day to you!
Yeahp, been a long while.
New look, since Dynamic Views isn't very friendly with tablets.
Header by Gab

There'll be some method to divide posts by different authors.
I still have to figure that out though...
If you might have noticed, Karrot, Rain, and Pancho don't post often.
So they're acknowledged now as
Occasional Contributors
Awesomest. Job Title. Ever.

So far, Gab's been keeping you all entertained.
If not, attention distracting at the least.
Did he ever mention the fact that he loves Green Lantern?
He's making it the freaking blog mascot.
If we got popular, DC might say something about that...

But that isn't happening anytime soon!
Oh yeah, that song on top is my remix of that dubstep thang....
See you all soon, I have to finish the last exam tomorrow!


An Animation

Hey Guys!
This is an animation I made for the lolz, but it would be cool if you checked it out!
Yay, I can animate! (Then again, I've been doing it for a while, just never uploaded.)
PS: The Game.


Story Time!

Oh, the random/funny/horrible/disastrous/just-plain-bad thing that happen in our batch...
This is what happened recently.
So, we were having a school "language appreciation week" (Lingo ng Wika).
Games, contests, etc. (We didn't win, but at least we beat the rival section.)
It was one of our classmate's birthday, so he brought cake.
One of our classmates, let's call him "Junior" (You all know who this is, batch mates), randomly threw/placed in the face of another person some cake/icing.
Chaos ensued, and everyone was covered in icing.
And this all happened while I was in the other room using someone's laptop.
Me: "Well, I'd better pack up now."
*walks in room*
"Oh god, it smells horrible in here."
"What happened--"
*sees Pancho, Rain, and a few others covered in icing*
"Okay, what happened here?!"
*hears explanation*
*leaves and hopes that I don't get involved*
Yep. Same old batch.


Video Game Peeves

Annoying things about video games...
1.) Finding a good server/game that isn't full
2.) Waiting for it to download/install
4.) Dealing with others with a lower IQ than yours
6.) Trolls being... well... trolls.
7.) Trolls that are also extremely asshole-ish and douchebaggy
8.) Glitches/bugs
9.) Retarded/just plain stupid teammates
10.) Whenever-you-have-time-to-play-video-games-with-your-friend-but-they-are-busy-or-can't-play syndrome (I'm looking at you, Rom and Pancho.)