Redone (Classic-ized) Dubstep

Good day to you!
Yeahp, been a long while.
New look, since Dynamic Views isn't very friendly with tablets.
Header by Gab

There'll be some method to divide posts by different authors.
I still have to figure that out though...
If you might have noticed, Karrot, Rain, and Pancho don't post often.
So they're acknowledged now as
Occasional Contributors
Awesomest. Job Title. Ever.

So far, Gab's been keeping you all entertained.
If not, attention distracting at the least.
Did he ever mention the fact that he loves Green Lantern?
He's making it the freaking blog mascot.
If we got popular, DC might say something about that...

But that isn't happening anytime soon!
Oh yeah, that song on top is my remix of that dubstep thang....
See you all soon, I have to finish the last exam tomorrow!

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