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So initially I thought my first song, Execute was great.
But you know, it's not exciting.
So 2 weeks later, I released a demo.
Four days later, I finished the song!
Spring Cheers from Tears for Fears, I did it!
::[ celebration.exe//terminate]::



Hello peeps yesterday was leo day
For you people who dont know leo day it is the day to celebrate
Leo valdez from heros of olympus
The day is to show that leo is not the 7th wheel of the group
So all you people write ALL DA LADIES LOVE LEO on your wrists and celebrate XD
So all you people start posting :3



First things first SORRYY i haven't been posting (mostly to rom).
And second
Hows everyone's summer going!?during the time i haven't been posting
Me and my one friend were taking a japanese class in ateneo
Itss been really fun and today was the last dayour teacher gave us
Green tea ice cream and we had to eat it with chopsticks it was awesome.
Thats all for now jane! :3

PS: rom the internet is working i promise to post at least once a week gomenesai



This post is for you aspiring "producers".
Don't worry, I am one too, the quotation mark's purpose is merely a passage of identification to a frequent alias for electronica musicians. While on the topic of disregarding worry as a measly component of emotion at the moment, I would just say it solely depends if you are indeed aspiring alongside me, however digitally due to our current relation and location.

I got carried away. Anyways...

Some basic but crucial tips when making music:
-Keep your timing
Use the metronome function of your musical program! You go on hours upon hours only to start over after discovering that everything is off beat.

-Get the most done in one session
You may lose inspiration. You may have forgotten a melody or beat you thought up. If that's the case, grab your phone and hum the rhythm into the recorder.

-Eat your food and get some sleep
Can you honestly make wonders on an empty stomach at the crack of dawn? Go to bed reader, you're drunk.
Hygiene is optional for this step.

-Listen to others
I'm not talking about demotivators, I mean other artists. Find inspiration/ideas in their works. Don't copy them though, just feel the music.

Now compose!


Iron Man 3 Game


You've seen, or haven't seen the movie.
Either way you could still enjoy the Iron Man universe
with this game that came out recently!

Gameplay is a little intimidating...
for the weak of heart.
Imagine this: fast-paced Temple Run/Fruit Ninja/Galaga.
I'm glad Gameloft made this game,
because I really wanted to see the other armors in detail.
The movie gave each one equal screen time,
but not enough to satisfy.
At least the designers for these suits were given more credit.

So if you can't read the images above, here's the lowdown.

Fight a bunch of baddies in mid-air,
shoot them outta the sky with your repulsor rays,
(Fruit Ninja)
and avoid obstacles because Tony can't fly with his anxiety attacks. lol not really
(Temple Run)

So now that you know how it goes,
I'll do some geeky more of definitive armor checks.
(This isn't in the order of what you unlock first)
You can actually stop reading here,
what lies ahead might spoil your gaming experience.

Here's MK II up to MK VII
From Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and The Avengers
Of course, there has to be the original armors from
the previous movies.
I was actually surprised with the MK V (Suitcase Armor)
Were you expecting the portable version to be stronger
than the assembled suits preceding it?
I was also hoping MK I would be there as a novelty armor,
but knowing it has flamethrowers instead of repulsor rays
it just won't cut it for the gameplay.

We've got the War Machines... and the Iron Patriot.
From Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3
War Machine was definitely expected,
but I bet you didn't see the War Machine MK II coming!
Sadly, it's not as significant as I thought,
for I found it's just a palette swap for the Iron Patriot.

MK 17 • MK 33 • MK 25
From Iron Man 3
(Left to Right)
Heartbreaker, Silver Centurion, Striker
Honestly, I am bedazzled with the Striker armor for some reason.
And the Heartbreaker looks like it's got an impressive
Unibeam power.
Lastly, the Centurion looks like it's destined to smite you
with Excalibur instead of beams of energy.

MK 35 • MK 37 • MK 38
From Iron Man 3
(Left to Right)
Red Snapper, Hammerhead, Igor
Igor is probably one of the most memorable armors
throughout the movie, despite its miniscule
screen time. 
I was thinking it was the Hulkbuster armor though...
Silly me.
It's actually the hardest one to unlock,
the requirement is to unlock all previous armors.
But its special ability is unique from the others.
The Snapper is probably Stark's salad-making armor,
look at the size of those claws! Unless it's crab armor...
Speaking of the deep-sea, the Hammerhead looks like
its meant for the ocean floor.
I mean seriously! It's almost entirely seafoam green.

MK 39 • MK 40 • MK 42
From Iron Man 3
(Left to Right)
Starboost, Shotgun and simply MK 42
First off, according to the promotional Facebook "Unlock the Armors",
MK 39 was originally named Gemini and didn't have orange accents.
Secondly, Shotgun was initially all silver just like MK II,
but later gained a navy blue hue in the game.
Lastly, MK 42 is so golden~

[picture spam]
(From Unlock the Armors)

There are probably a bunch of stuff I didn't mention, 
but seriously it gets boring if you know every single aspect
of a game you haven't played yet.
Happy Hunting!
May the force be ever in your favor!
no that's not it...
May the odds be with you!
screw this

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