Dynamic Views

Greetings Reader,

You may choose to view this blog in several ways.
On the red toolbar above, you should see a menu called "Sidebar".
Hover your cursor over to choose one of these built-in dynamic views.

This is the Flipcard view.
It shows the prominent picture of the blog post on the flipcard.
Click on the flipcard to view the post.
You may choose to sort the flipcards.

This is the Classic view.
A typical blog format.
Scroll downwards to view older posts.

This is the Magazine view.
On top shows the most recent post.
Beneath are a set of four posts.
And below there are short previews of previous posts.

This is the Mosaic view.
Very similar to the Flipcard view,
albeit in a more creative manner.
Alas, unable to sort posts.

This is the Sidebar view.
This is what the blog is currently set to as a default.

This is the Snapshot view.
It only shows posts with uploaded pictures.
It shows all the uploaded pictures in a post.
This view is rather inconvenient view in this blog,
for the authors tend to fill up the post with pictures rather than text.
But honestly, on the internet, pictures are cooler.

This is the Timeslide view.

There is also a sidebar.
On the side.
The right side.
View the picture above for reference.

Lastly, there is a Facebook page in development.
It's purpose is for those who prefer to use Facebook over an RSS Feed.
Like it anyway.
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