This post is for you aspiring "producers".
Don't worry, I am one too, the quotation mark's purpose is merely a passage of identification to a frequent alias for electronica musicians. While on the topic of disregarding worry as a measly component of emotion at the moment, I would just say it solely depends if you are indeed aspiring alongside me, however digitally due to our current relation and location.

I got carried away. Anyways...

Some basic but crucial tips when making music:
-Keep your timing
Use the metronome function of your musical program! You go on hours upon hours only to start over after discovering that everything is off beat.

-Get the most done in one session
You may lose inspiration. You may have forgotten a melody or beat you thought up. If that's the case, grab your phone and hum the rhythm into the recorder.

-Eat your food and get some sleep
Can you honestly make wonders on an empty stomach at the crack of dawn? Go to bed reader, you're drunk.
Hygiene is optional for this step.

-Listen to others
I'm not talking about demotivators, I mean other artists. Find inspiration/ideas in their works. Don't copy them though, just feel the music.

Now compose!

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