May Bukas Pa

Photo by a friend of a friend (Justine G. and Sam L. respectively.)
Unang-una, hindi masyadong maayos ako sa wikang Pilipino kaya't kailangan mo lang mag-isipan ng mensahe ng sanaysay nito. Sana 'wag mo nang pansinin ng mga mali ko.

Alalang-alala tayo (at sana ng buong mundo) ang nangyari sa Tacloban. Akala ko lang "bali wala naman ng bagyo nito; palagi naman may ulan." Pero hindi. Sa sobrang lakas ng bagyo nito, maraming tao namalungkot, maraming tao nagutom, maraming tao namatay. Naapektuhan ako sa trahedya nito dahil napakasuwerte naman ako, walang nangyari sa akin. 

Malungkot rin ako, kasi estudyante pa lang ako; kaunti-unti lang ang pwede kong gawin para sa mga biktima. Gusto ko nga sasamahan ko ng tatay ko kasi papunta siya sa Tacloban para matulungan ng mga biktima. Malungkot ako dahil nabagsak lang ako sa eksam ng araling panlipunan. Sila kaya ay masmalungkot kasi bumagsak ang lipunan nila. Sana ayusin na ang sitwasyon nito dahil hindi nila marapat na nangyari doon.

Kailangan andyan pa ng pananampalataya para kay Panginoon. Huwag natin ikalimutan ng mga mabuting kapalaran natin. Suwerte naman na hindi na tamaan sa Metro Manila. Pero kahit na, sana nasaisip mo palagi si Diyos bawa't araw-araw. Mayroon siyang plano para saatin at para sa mga biktima. May pag-asa pa.

Salamat sa iyo para sa pagbabasa nito.


A Dark Shock

Hey ho my amigos.
I wrote a short story. It's worth 6.25 pages.
I hope you could take the time to read it, because I spent majority of today writing it.

Please note a few things:

  • This is a Fantasy story.
  • This was just finished an hour ago.
  • This hasn't gone through much editing.
  • The story's plot points might still be hazy.
  • There's a possibility you'll find this anti-climactic.
Alrighty, here goes nothin'!



hey guys as usual i havent been posting hehe so here is a bunch of snk pics to go around

~levi <3<3<3<3




I apologize for my recent and prolonged inactivity.
I'm pretty much on my midyear break, seeing as tomorrow is a nonacademic day for me.
Seeing as this is technically a blog, I might as well use it right, unlike the past 219 posts.
I'm going to talk about my life.

Well not exactly...
I'm going to talk about what I feel I want to do with my future.


Hey Guys.
I like to make stuff.
Random masks I made:




Dem be awesome!

I still don't have one of those fancy (ish) signature things.


Addictions, or something like that.

Our class is addicted to Ylvis.
He's the guy who made "The Fox".
Everyone sings it.


State of Mind

Something's been going on.
I can't tell who, what, where, why.
I see someone, but they don't see me.
They don't see me.
Years go by and I still don't have my self on.
The closest you can get is when I don't have my cellphone.
12, 1, 2
I can't seem to sleep when I want to.
I guess when you have a hyperactive imagination,
you tend to take it out on, say, a notebook.
Until, say, 2 AM.
On a school night to boot.
I own a pair of boots.
They're steel-toed and heavy.
There are more boots.
These boots hang heavy on the hearts of my family.
These boots bring a loss.
A loss of another.
However, these boots make us stronger.
These boots will stay until the end.
Boots in hand, you can see me better.
This pair of metaphorical boots,
(not the steel-toed those are real,)
drags me down to show me.
I see two entities,
like a Gollum 1-2 showdown,
face-to-face Daft Punk style.
Why can't I do homework now?
Let's eat lunch.
I want to read a book for a while.
I'll feed my fish.
Why can't I do homework later?
I think I'll just cram my homework.
I feel like playing video games for a few hours.
I'll feed my fish later.
Yes indeed, even my fish have suffered in this conflict.
Paco and Taco have died.
A tiny pair of boots hang on tight.
Oh, woe is me.
I wish I could be with the mighty gyarados and its mother.
I wish I had spent more time.
I was too unhinged.
She's happy now.
I'm happy because she is.

Tell me, what's Breaking Bad like?



 So basically I'm posting because I'm sick [it's sad ;( ] and I need something to do :D 

 I'm here to tell you about this site that I've known for a little over 1 year and a half.

 This site is called sixbillionsecrets


 It's a site where strangers can post secrets and other people can vote on them or  comment or anything

 I find it really interesting :) 

 A lot of the posts are hilarious and inspiring, but at some point

 the posts also get extremely sad :(

 But nevertheless, I don't know anyone else who goes on the site

 And I think more people should know about it because I think it's cool :) 

Here's the link:




Beware the Owls.

So, I just read the graphic novel for The Night of the Owls.
Wow. Just, wow.
One of the best Batman graphic novels I've read.
Now, for those who aren't Bat-Fans or haven't heard of the The Court of Owls:
They are a secret organization that oversees Gotham.
They have bad-ass assassins called The Talons.
They have an extreme rivalry with the Wayne family.
They even have their own oath-rhyme-poem-thing.
"Beware The Court of Owls, 
that watches all the time, 
ruling Gotham from a shadow perch, 
behind granite and lime. 
They watch you at your hearth, 
they watch you in your bed, 
speak not a whispered word of them 
or they'll send The Talon for your head."


iPhone 5C

PHOTO: A photo of the purported iPhone 5C.
[original article]
But what the heck is a 5C?
My, it's a plastic iPhone.
It's even cheaper than a 4S~
^It comes in my favorite color^
That's enough, I sound like I'm selling it.

Screw all of that,



So basically, I will now introduce you to the world of fandoms! :)

 What is a fandom? o.O 
A fandom is basically a fan-kingdom, it is composed of fangirls and fanboys who ship characters together and obsess over them on sites like tumblr and fanfiction.net


fangirl/fanboy - people who are fans of a show, book, series, game, manga, celebrities, musicians,etc.
shipping - basically when you ship two characters together, it means you want them to be in a relationship.
OTP - translated into "one true pairing" it means you're in love with one specific shipping and would do absolutely anything for it to happen.

Here are some examples of major fandoms!


One of the largest and most basic fandoms. Harry Potter is widely popular not only for their amazing actors and movies, the phenomenal books, but the creativity it holds :) Would you ship Harry x Ginny? Ron x Hermione? Snape x Lily? Draco x Hermione?

                                                               PEWDS & MARZIA

Also known as YouTubers "Pewdiepie" and "Cutiepie" these two are an adorable couple. Their story of getting together should fill each fan with hope that you CAN be with your favorite youtuber.


A popular anime, K-ON has an amazing (and extremely....disturbing at some point) fandom :) How can you not obsess over these kawaii girls 0,0

                                          Percy Jackson & Olympians / Heroes of Olympus

Rick Riordan has created a book series that has won the hearts of millions of readers. The storyline is fresh, and the characters unique. Would you ship Percy x Annabeth? Leo x Hazel? Frank x Hazel? Jason x Piper? Nico x Percy?

                                                               ALL TIME LOW

This band is popular for their pop-punk music and their craziness. The most popular ship surrounding the band is Jalex. Consisting of two of the band members, Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat.

                                                              THE AVENGERS
I think it started out as a comic book, but now its more known as the movie. Believe it or not, lots of people ship these superheroes and supervillains. Captain America x Iron Man, Black Widow x Hawkeye.....who would you ship? :D

                                                     FAIRY TAAAIIIILLLLLL <3

Last but not the least, the anime Fairy Tail has more ships than you could EVER imagine. Natsu x Lucy, Natsu x Lisanna, Jellal x Erza, Levi x Gajeel, Wendy x Romeo, Juvia x Gray, Leon x Juvia, Gray x Natsu, Gray x Leon, and MANY MANY more <3

Thats it for today! I'm sorry that I barely post o.o [sorry Romo >.<]



The Hush Sound

If you know them, I truly like your taste in music.
They're back!

Initially, I scoffed at their sound after listening to Break the Sky.
Of course you don't judge a book by its cover,
or to fit context 
you don't judge an artist from one song.

I only had the opportunity to listen to these albums,
Like Vines and Goodbye Blues,
and I eventually fell in love with their sound.
I've been  growing a liking to songs before the 2010's.
Now that they're back from their hiatus,
I seriously want to get Forty Five!

Here's a track from it:


Redone (Classic-ized) Dubstep

Good day to you!
Yeahp, been a long while.
New look, since Dynamic Views isn't very friendly with tablets.
Header by Gab

There'll be some method to divide posts by different authors.
I still have to figure that out though...
If you might have noticed, Karrot, Rain, and Pancho don't post often.
So they're acknowledged now as
Occasional Contributors
Awesomest. Job Title. Ever.

So far, Gab's been keeping you all entertained.
If not, attention distracting at the least.
Did he ever mention the fact that he loves Green Lantern?
He's making it the freaking blog mascot.
If we got popular, DC might say something about that...

But that isn't happening anytime soon!
Oh yeah, that song on top is my remix of that dubstep thang....
See you all soon, I have to finish the last exam tomorrow!


An Animation

Hey Guys!
This is an animation I made for the lolz, but it would be cool if you checked it out!
Yay, I can animate! (Then again, I've been doing it for a while, just never uploaded.)
PS: The Game.


Story Time!

Oh, the random/funny/horrible/disastrous/just-plain-bad thing that happen in our batch...
This is what happened recently.
So, we were having a school "language appreciation week" (Lingo ng Wika).
Games, contests, etc. (We didn't win, but at least we beat the rival section.)
It was one of our classmate's birthday, so he brought cake.
One of our classmates, let's call him "Junior" (You all know who this is, batch mates), randomly threw/placed in the face of another person some cake/icing.
Chaos ensued, and everyone was covered in icing.
And this all happened while I was in the other room using someone's laptop.
Me: "Well, I'd better pack up now."
*walks in room*
"Oh god, it smells horrible in here."
"What happened--"
*sees Pancho, Rain, and a few others covered in icing*
"Okay, what happened here?!"
*hears explanation*
*leaves and hopes that I don't get involved*
Yep. Same old batch.


Video Game Peeves

Annoying things about video games...
1.) Finding a good server/game that isn't full
2.) Waiting for it to download/install
4.) Dealing with others with a lower IQ than yours
6.) Trolls being... well... trolls.
7.) Trolls that are also extremely asshole-ish and douchebaggy
8.) Glitches/bugs
9.) Retarded/just plain stupid teammates
10.) Whenever-you-have-time-to-play-video-games-with-your-friend-but-they-are-busy-or-can't-play syndrome (I'm looking at you, Rom and Pancho.)


My Precious! Not really.

Random Posting!

Hey guys, I doth be-eth back.
Welcome to...
This will (obviously) a section where I post
random crap about my
extremely interesting (not really) life!
Lets-a go!

So recently, I'm getting guitar lessons, and I found these at a store!
I've been looking for some of these for a while now.
And I finally have them!
Sniffle... I'd like to thanks the academy....
So, yeah.
This was Random Posts with Gab.
Tune in next time for---


Darker Thoughts

Another experimental song.
I think it's weird too.

Did I mention that I got into the Music Industry Organization in my school?
This'll turn into a more oftenly used hobby now.
Yes! I got into Ateneo High School!

Now here's a duck:

And here's the full song art photo:


Brain Food.

I always think clearly after a hot bowl of honey banana oatmeal.


Another new guy!

I'm Gab, new poster, on this blog,
on the internet (too many commas lol)
and I'm here to... uhhh...
*check's blogs motto* 
um, to "interpret life like a down-to-earth airhead?"
Sure, lets go with that!
Anyway, lets get this introduction over with sooner than later.
So, I'm Gab, I'm a fan of
Green Lantern
Romantically Apocalyptic 
And other things.
I make extremely corny puns and I'm somewhat sarcastic. 
I can animate (somewhat), and make "things." 
However you interpret "things" is your choice. 
Random Guy: IT SOUNDS LIKE A- 
Anyway, I Hope that you enjoy my posts! 
I just realized there aren't any pictures on this post yet.
Here's what is *supposed* to be my avatar.

Which is based on:

Did I really use the word "realsies?"
Whatever, hope you enjoy my posts!