once again....

hallow people......
don't you think its great when you read a book that
you haven't read in a long time,
AND when the characters in that book you are reading 
are reading another book that you have read
thats it for now...you happy now rom-oniisan :P 


Someone's older...

Before anything,
belated Happy Birthday Azusa-chan!
In other news, I have brought your attention here for a reason, and here it is...
kawaii desu~



halllo once more people this is karrot neko
today is the last day of our sembreak
but i went to school today thinking that
today was the first day but when i got to school
it was a ghost town........do meh i am not excited 
sorry rom you have to put the pic
(*so meh)
Drawn by Rom.
Watch it be redrawn here.
(bottom right under the picture, click the "Watch Redraw" button.)


Assassin's Creed 3

LOLERS, It's yur Boy PaNchO

Guess who got it...

Neoteric Elements!

^ That means New Stuff!

Today and Tomorrow are quite big Holidays.
Today is All Saints' Day.
Honestly I don't know how to celebrate this one...
But tomorrow is All Souls' Day!
Be sure to visit your loved ones!


Next up, Pandora Hearts!
So I have read volumes 1-3, 5, 7, 9 & 10 so far...
Technically I have read volume 4, but I got so annoyed with the grammar.
I'd rather read the official translations than the engrish translations on manga sites.
But thank you for posting anyway, translating peeps.

In order, I have read 1, 2, 3, 7, 9,10 then 5.
Weird, I know... but that's all my classmates had.
~KarrotNeko~ lent me volume 5 when I visited Pancho's house.

Things make a little more sense now...
On the back of the Manga, there's an illustration of Alice in her Human form before the
Tragedy of Sablier.
I fell in love with her dress, and so I drew it!
Still have to read volumes 6 & 8 though!

Today I'll be covering 4 topics...
The Ability to Sharpen with a Cutter.

My Dad would always sharpen this way,
and only until recently did he allow me to sharpen this way.
When he finally taught me, it was actually easier than it seemed!
I will not show you how, it's a family secret.
(No , I'm just really lazy.)

My Dad just got me a book for drawing!
Figure Drawing for Dummies!

I'll be able to draw a lot better with this big thing around!