So basically, I will now introduce you to the world of fandoms! :)

 What is a fandom? o.O 
A fandom is basically a fan-kingdom, it is composed of fangirls and fanboys who ship characters together and obsess over them on sites like tumblr and fanfiction.net


fangirl/fanboy - people who are fans of a show, book, series, game, manga, celebrities, musicians,etc.
shipping - basically when you ship two characters together, it means you want them to be in a relationship.
OTP - translated into "one true pairing" it means you're in love with one specific shipping and would do absolutely anything for it to happen.

Here are some examples of major fandoms!


One of the largest and most basic fandoms. Harry Potter is widely popular not only for their amazing actors and movies, the phenomenal books, but the creativity it holds :) Would you ship Harry x Ginny? Ron x Hermione? Snape x Lily? Draco x Hermione?

                                                               PEWDS & MARZIA

Also known as YouTubers "Pewdiepie" and "Cutiepie" these two are an adorable couple. Their story of getting together should fill each fan with hope that you CAN be with your favorite youtuber.


A popular anime, K-ON has an amazing (and extremely....disturbing at some point) fandom :) How can you not obsess over these kawaii girls 0,0

                                          Percy Jackson & Olympians / Heroes of Olympus

Rick Riordan has created a book series that has won the hearts of millions of readers. The storyline is fresh, and the characters unique. Would you ship Percy x Annabeth? Leo x Hazel? Frank x Hazel? Jason x Piper? Nico x Percy?

                                                               ALL TIME LOW

This band is popular for their pop-punk music and their craziness. The most popular ship surrounding the band is Jalex. Consisting of two of the band members, Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat.

                                                              THE AVENGERS
I think it started out as a comic book, but now its more known as the movie. Believe it or not, lots of people ship these superheroes and supervillains. Captain America x Iron Man, Black Widow x Hawkeye.....who would you ship? :D

                                                     FAIRY TAAAIIIILLLLLL <3

Last but not the least, the anime Fairy Tail has more ships than you could EVER imagine. Natsu x Lucy, Natsu x Lisanna, Jellal x Erza, Levi x Gajeel, Wendy x Romeo, Juvia x Gray, Leon x Juvia, Gray x Natsu, Gray x Leon, and MANY MANY more <3

Thats it for today! I'm sorry that I barely post o.o [sorry Romo >.<]


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