Story Time!

Oh, the random/funny/horrible/disastrous/just-plain-bad thing that happen in our batch...
This is what happened recently.
So, we were having a school "language appreciation week" (Lingo ng Wika).
Games, contests, etc. (We didn't win, but at least we beat the rival section.)
It was one of our classmate's birthday, so he brought cake.
One of our classmates, let's call him "Junior" (You all know who this is, batch mates), randomly threw/placed in the face of another person some cake/icing.
Chaos ensued, and everyone was covered in icing.
And this all happened while I was in the other room using someone's laptop.
Me: "Well, I'd better pack up now."
*walks in room*
"Oh god, it smells horrible in here."
"What happened--"
*sees Pancho, Rain, and a few others covered in icing*
"Okay, what happened here?!"
*hears explanation*
*leaves and hopes that I don't get involved*
Yep. Same old batch.

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