I apologize for my recent and prolonged inactivity.
I'm pretty much on my midyear break, seeing as tomorrow is a nonacademic day for me.
Seeing as this is technically a blog, I might as well use it right, unlike the past 219 posts.
I'm going to talk about my life.

Well not exactly...
I'm going to talk about what I feel I want to do with my future.

Writing is quite a delicate art.
Capturing your thoughts in words is quite a hard process...
...especially in essays...
Most of us often don't have that strike of inspiration to just get up and write.
Yep, I'm there.

Storytelling is just full of possibilities that when I decide to run out and express it, I have too much ideas to throw in that I get lost in thought. The concept of creating worlds is such a feat, a challenge that I feel is so close yet so far.True, what got me stuck in this world of fantasies were many a common books like Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Ender's Game, The Silent Zone, Artemis Fowl, Robopocalypse, Lord of the Rings...

I plan on writing science fiction books, specifically of a recovering dystopia with a touch of my view on politics. (Which is honestly quite limited, but of course I want go bashing anything until I know what's up) Why utilize a dystopian theme though? Well one half of me would say the sight of a new,improving, and united future is quite appealing. The other half of me has been affected by things like Romantically Apocalyptic, Adventure Time, and Gurren Lagann.

Writing is also an outlet for emotions. Diaries/Journals are a bit tiring for me. Seeing myself write down experiences I have everyday is quite quaint in the sense that I keep track of the small things in life. However, writing down those things everyday would not really help me express whatever I am feeling. I prefer talking about it. Through stories, I do not have to keep such a detailed timeline of what I have felt, but the reader, whether aware of the underlying message or not, would receive such a feeling as I would have shared through that composition. I like to add a pinch of a poetic style into my writing. Some of the writers who have left this idea in me are Edgar Allan Poe and Hugh Montgomery.

I just find writing so indescribable, I just don't know what to say.
Suppose I have written those aforementioned science fiction books. Seeing that actions often speak louder than words, bringing these words to life is a form of wonder². Big names like James Cameron & William Shakespeare have both written extraordinary works, which then became greatly recognized for the detailed performances that come from these scripts. I still don't know much about screenwriting, although taking into mind that the facial expression of the character speaking is planned out is level-up from writing books.

I enjoy watching movies, and some never fail to amaze me like the immense conflictions in Inception, the randomness of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, the scenery and cinematography of Pride and Prejudice...

Hot damn.
My father, grandfather, and grandmother are extremely talented in different mediums of art. I don't plan on being upscale, I just enjoy a little doodle every once in a while. A little once-every-so-often webcomic won't hurt.
It's everywhere.
I can almost see it.

I have shared numerous times on this blog that I love music. I mean, a lot of people do. A high chance is that you could be listening to music right now.
I take from many genres, not caring who says what about who. Artists like All Time Low, Chiddy Bang, Forever the Sickest Kids, Zedd, Daft Punk, Skrillex, Macklemore, Taylor Swift, Mayday Parade, Coldplay, deadmau5, Paramore, The Hush Sound, Foster the People, Ed Sheeran, sure why not One Direction, Bastille, Electric Joy Ride, John Mayer, Linkin Park, Mayu, Dario Marianelli... yeah a lot influence me.

Composing EDM is a pretty fun experience, and I'm well received by friends and family so I can't say I'm rejected. I'm not saying I'm top dog, but I'm proud of the works I make. I'm hoping to release an EP before my summer next year ends, which is before June. I have actually joined an organization in my school that makes music and will be releasing an album February next year, possibly with one of my works included. 

Pretty cool, although I think my main focus in the future would be writing books.
You saw how long that section was...


Happy :>
That isn't a very suiting Pokefusion...

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