Alfonso Journal Entry #1

No, don't get any ideas here.
I named my iPhone Alfonso.
It's not a new author of this blog.
(old readers would know)
So. I decided to speak my mind through my iPhone.
It's makes a lot more sense than telling yourself about it, and it looks more productive than intense thinking.
I have no idea what I'm trying to achieve judging from the topics I go through.

4:46 PM
Watching a performance that uses live instruments really intrigues me. I've decided that I'll be more dedicated to my hobby of piano. Although it may hamper my use of the Reason program, I think it will improve my later compositions in terms of a richer sound and perhaps a more diverse melody than simple combinations of notes.

4:50 PM
I've recently realized that my relationship with the Lord can be considered a sham if you look at it through certain perspectives. I really need to pee right now. I guess because of all the things I could be possibly doing instead of living a righteous life is really tempting and appeals a lot more to my strange imagination and all. It's probably dangerous that I'm writing this while walking down stairs.

4:54 PM
I just had the strangest experience. I stood on the ledge of a cliff in my subdivision, took a piss while looking at the cityscape, whilst listening to "Bubble Butt" playing down below. Today is a good day.

5:01 PM
I think I've grown fond of this cliff. Despite the awkward stares other people saying "What is that guy doing there," it's actually very cool and breezy up here. I've also grown fond of writing my thoughts in this iPhone because it's a lot less disturbing to me than to myself in the bathroom at night. I just realized I talk to myself in the bathroom at night. I'm so peculiar, but the fact that I know that says otherwise I suppose. You decide. Wait, am I not just talking to myself? Should I instead be saying "Go and decide, Rom." --?

5:02 PM
I want to take a picture of these trees. They're cool.

5:02 PM
I took the picture. Cool.

5:08 PM
I'm hungry and I'm thinking of what I should be doing even though my head is telling me to sleep. Responsibility was never so strong in me before. Perhaps I haven't had my fair share of sadness today. Or waking up at 4:30 really is just a strange way of inducing righteousness.

Well there you have it, son.
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