Music Showcasing!

So I've decided this month I would release an EP of my music.
I'm hoping to get it all mastered and exported by January 18-19 or so.
So if you're wondering what genre it is exactly, I have no idea either.
Let's say it's got a Dubstep-Electronic-DnB-House-Techno-Drumstep-SpeedCore feel to it all.
OR you can just call it ROMstep. (at least that's what my classmates call it)
I'll be giving you the full line-up (so far) and let you listen to each of them.

So this is the first song I ever publicly released on my SoundCloud and actually felt good about.
It's got some piano and an orchestra sound to it, however my love for synthesizers go far beyond my use of the horns and violins. I attempted to have a typical BroStep drop (i.e. Skrillex) but I felt it sounded too dirty, and I was moving on and listening to guys like deadmau5 and the ever classic Daft Punk.
It's a little short, with just a length of 2:32, but it's easily forgivable since it's my first song.


Now we're getting down to business!
This is where I really had a lot of fun composing, because I had discovered that automation could go way beyond just Pitch Bend, because I screwed with the tempo too! (In a nice way, you'll see)
So we start off with a nice Progressive House Synth and a simple drum beat at a nice and easy tempo of 140. Oh, here's the build-up it's getting faster 180! Evenfasternowit's210!
I finally got my wish and I got to program myself something that goes wubwubwub.
Now this song isn't entirely original, I helped compose the original version alongside my bro from another mo Mystikmol which we did for an album from our middle school. Now technically the school owns all rights to that song because I was forced to sign a waiver saying I "willingly surrender" all of the copyrights to said school, however since all they got from it was an .mp3 with intentionally off-pitch vocals, I technically have the right to post the instrumental. Alas, I am too lazy to do so.


So this one's the favorite amongst those who listen to my music, despite it being the creepiest.
This one sort of has a storyline if you're creative enough to visualize it whilst listening to it.
What I saw while composing this one was a criminal on the run going through a busy suburban red light district from some cops who've been on his tail for a while. Now I'm not trying use any racial stereotypes, but a lot of people say this song is black. I shrug off the term, but seriously I think people shouldn't toss around terms that could offend people.
It's got a dark feeling and I used quite a bit of a bass synth on a low octave through bursts which come up with an explosive BUHWUH sound. I seriously have no idea how to describe it.


There's not much to say about this song, since I didn't do much about this song.
It's sound is quite primitive placed next to the other three, especially since I just spent three hours on it.
Indeed I'll work harder on it, just not this weekend because school is coming back this Monday.

That's it!
I'll be working on these songs over the weekends while half-hardheartedly chasing the deadline I set for this EP. I'll be performing some of them at my high school fair this coming 24-25th and I'll be sure to write about how it goes about. Until then, I'll be catching up for school next week.
See ya!
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