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I think music composition is such a rewarding pain.
There is just an endless possibility of outcomes to a song in mid-composition.
The fact you have to balance how many layers go in that build up the sound,
what instruments you use, the panning and leveling, the timing and note usage,
the overall emotion the song conveys, especially the length of the song too
just drags me to love the challenge all the more.

Being an ambitious fifteen year-old, I'm still unsure of where or what I will be.
I do know that I will certainly not be dealing with law or politics as a profession.
The fact I can't go a ten minutes without humming melodies says I'm no logic man.
As an amateur music composer, I still have a lot to learn, especially since over the years
the Electronic genre has grown to be more diverse than a family tree.
Yet it catches my eye, or ear perhaps, and compels me to feel:

How do I do that?

If you've been listening to my compositions, you would know I'm making
it difficult for you to remember it. I don't have a particular hook to them,
but if there is any, it's probably a draining or stressing demeanor emanating
from the mere soul of the song.
If you're listening to a particular song right now, notice you haven't pressed
skip. You're possibly enjoying or divulging into the feel of the song.
That's what I'm aiming for; my music to be known and loved.
Until then, I will have to settle for personal milestones with this
rewarding pain
so that I can achieve one of my many dreams of my future.

Thanks for reading.
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