Yeah, I know... it's been a while.
But recently I've been delving into the world of Japan.

So I'm on Culture Japan (make me your comrade if you wish, just leave your username below), I have a new favorite manga (Alice is my favorite character), I acquired 30+ songs on my playlist (I'll post about it soon [all Japanese]), and lastly I am making a manga just for fun. (I'll post about it soon, too.)

I also have a field trip for school this tomorrow, and I have to go to this place called Enchanted Farm. It's in Bulacan. I have to read a storybook with a partner to a group of about 70+ schoolchildren. Hmm, hmm...

School and other things have been occupying my free time.
I need to catch up on my
My deviantart hasn't been touched for a while. Had to do something, right?
Also the aforementioned manga above.
I have to catch up on jefbot, RA, Jack Cannon, twogag and Stupid Fox.
I haven't done it in a while either!
Because I don't have one.
How sad.
I'm doing it now aren't I?

Here are things I have accomplished while I was gone that doesn't exactly accelerate my life's successfulness.

  • Finished Black Rock Shooter OVA and Anime.
  • Read Pandora Hearts volumes 1,2,3, and 7.
  • My iPod Nano broke. (The accursed lock button!) SOMETHING LIKE THIS
  • I found my iPod Shuffle.
  • I finished The Hobbit. (Amazing book, a must-read.)
  • A new pair of shoes from Indonesia! (My dad just came from there to test a new car.)
Anyways, it's nice to be back and all, but I have to be in school by 6am!!!
(Will write about that soon enough...)

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