Ramble: Young Blood

Disclaimer: There is no specific topic to this post. And probably isn't so neat cos I emailed this post to the blog from my phone instead of the desktop interface because the modem is very snappy. Wifi is friendlier.

So I'm stuck in my bedroom and I'm still awake at the strangely early hour of 3am. So might as well blog, amirite?
Of all the things to remember, it had to be the 2 main girls that Kirito from SAO actually gives a fudge about.

But what I really wanted to talk about is school, and what my school is doing with my batch is actually very boring. I mean, dude, finals were 2-3 weeks ago. Now we're doing simple choreography for a song in a play that no one really wants to join. *excluding the main cast who auditioned*

Its vel be hapernin tomz, durr4 I beez cheel pillin' tealz duhn.
I mean I'll just relax until the play comes.
Blasting dubstep around school, because it makes great entrance music. 
Pancho and I have recently joined the Mythical Beasts. You know, being a "true brochacho" does get a little tiring for us. Eventually everyone gets tired of something. Sowe turned to Rhett and Link for intelligent talks instead of horror games for a change.

Lastly, my love for big mechas has reammurged. I am confident I spelled that wrong.

Before this was the extremely over the top Gurren Lagann.

Yes this robot is 10 galaxies tall.

Perhaps while waiting for Valvrave to come out I could watch Evangelion and get some dignity I mean manliness back into my veins after finishing K-ON and Lucky Star.
How girlier can it get from there?!

Point proven, pichi pichi.


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