Ben PC

This is his view of big rimmed glasses. Why post this? I dunno. It's better than intrusive pop-ups for you to like the blog's facebook page. No there isn't one.

He believes I should transfer to tumblr, and has been bugging me to do so for two years now. He believes it's a lot more social, and it is. However the typical tumblr viewer would just click away from this journal-thing. Well I am scurrying off topic. Go follow Ben PC

Link: http://digital-x.tumblr.com/

Should we transfer to tumblr?
We already set up shop here, but out goal here is really just to post online.

Not obsessing over site views.
But in a total we have about 26k views starting March 26, 2012.
Speaking of, this blog will be one year old by Tuesday next week!
A surprise by then.


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