Noble Essence

Noble Essence is a comic I came up with in school. 
I started drawing on paper, but it took to long...

So I made digital art.

SO! Anyways, storyline is: World has been horribly shat on after global warming. Because of the clouded skies of pollution, not much could work or move. Nuclear Reactors have failed, exploding and spreading radiation around the world. Anyone who made it alive gained extraordinary powers. Tapping into their soul core would grant them armor or weapons, depending on how strong they are. But not everyone was so goody-goody about it. The crowd was split. The New Monarchy, who claim they can rebuild Earth, and The Rebels, who say that we just live out their lives, while defending something, rather, precious to them. But, are their intentions good? Rebels and New Monarchy alike? Who's good? Who's bad? And what is guarded by the rebels so much?

This works as Page 8 and a Poster!

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