Ever Hated Lacquer Thinner

So I finally got to painting that rack I mentioned before... It went well enough for the first half, I'll paint the second half tomorrow. Anyways, this lacquer thinner seemed convincing enough to be harmless, like normal pain thinner. BUT IT BURNED. As if my hands were dust from burning flames of hell. Verge of shedding some tears then. Oh well...

More blood

Blood in a can

Some frog guts

Even more blood
If your brain knows what paint is, then it's obvious that the red splatters on my hands is lacquer primer. Not blood. ~da-duy~
It could have worked out as a shallow troll attempt, but that just isn't me.

The paint was in a minimal amount on my hands at first, but when I used the lacquer thinner, it spread more on my hands from cleaning the brushes. So then comes the point that my hand looks like photo 2. So what did I do? I poured some thinner on my hands. It was surprisingly cold. Then after a minute or so, it started burning! Well it didn't catch fire or I'd be all like this:
So I just had to bear with it and just pour some more on it. I also scrubbed with soap, which got my mind off the pain. It went away after 5 minutes. 
Just the pain. The paint? Still slightly here.

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