For the Orphanage

This has been written during the entire day (yesterday), not just in one time period.

 Hey All! I'm posting this from a private bus, on my way to Zambales. But what am I going to do there you may ask? So far from Metro Manila! Well friends, there be a wee orphanage down there, that's in a need of painting. So, most of the prayer group I'm in volunteered to go. We're even donating some clothes. I myself just donating four shirts, and four pairs of shoes. Pictures later! I'm on a freaking bus!

 So, this morning I woke up at around 4am. A bit early, but my dad was awake anyway. The tv was on some movie channel, playing The Adventures of Baron... Something. An old movie for sure. I was sent back to sleep, got back up at 5:30am, took a shower, got dressed, had breakfast which was Pork Tocino with white rice. This is rare in my house, because a healthier lifestyle than the most average of the average type person. Heehee.

So now it's 8:50am, still in the bus, using one of my friend's iPad typing this in, while watching Kung Fu Hustle.
Isn't Stephen Chow the best?

Written in the evening
So I arrived around lunch time, just finished The Expendables. So we walked around to a small outdoor area, sat down on some chairs and talked. Nothing exactly important, with some banana cues and kamote chips for some snacks. Then we ate lunch, Adobo, Pusit, Pinakbet. Once everyone was done, we brought the paint over to the shed, and started painting soon after. The teenagers over there (only the guys) helped out in painting. The fence was painted Sky Blue, and the walls RedFoo. Naw, it's beige... I did the fence, on a corner where not much people were in, because most people were painting the inside. I suck at painting walls! So badly! And to think its easier than painting metal racks. So I made a bunch of friends, some of them named Jan, Bernard, Ax, and Ex. What strange names. So we hung out, it was kind of awkward since I don't speak Tagalog well. Good thing my dad was there, or those boys would laughing their heads off at my accent. (it's not bad, everybody just says it's cute.) Then had a merienda, then after a quick bathroom stop, we left.

 Now it's 7:30pm, relatively near Manila now, I'm in the bus again, and I just finished writing that last paragraph labeled Written in the evening. I'm tired! So I got tired, right? Well, when I got down to eat dinner at Marquee Mall at Max's Restaurant, I felt nauseous during my meal. Good thing though is that I had tapsilog! Yay! I threw up in the bathroom. 

Marquee Mall is the best! It has everything I love, on just one floor! Imagine me exploring the whole mall, I would never want to leave. Comic Alley, model toys, Toys R Us, Converse, heck, even though gas station separate from the mall has Nike, Adidas, DC, more Converse... Cheap! The province is awesome. If only it weren't so far...

 Now it's 10:35pm and I'm still in this bus! Well, everyone's calling it the Coaster, so... I'm stuck in this Coaster! At least I'm in EDSA. Stay tuned for updates!
Photos and possibly a video! 

No video. booo

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