Magic: The Gathering

For all of you who don't play one of the best games in the world, Magic: The Gathering is a strategic trading card game with intricate story lines, amazing artworks, and fun all around.
"I never heard of this before..."
WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!  I see this in every hobby store I pass by. 
However, you're not alone in the unknown. We all start that way. But if you're nearing you're 60's and still haven't heard of it, indeed there's something up.

For the newcomers to Magic, this paragraph will explain the game.
(If you're already a Planeswalker and stuff, skip whatever is in blue colored text.)
So, there are six colors/elements.
Black, Blue, Green, Red, White.
Black type cards consist of death and the sort. Zombies and Vampires, those things.
Blue type cards have wizards, and lots of useful spells. Great for control decks.
Green type cards use beasts. Also plants, elves, things unreal to Earth.
Red type cards are very fiery. You can either just use spells to bring down anything that springs up, even the player, or build up an army and destroy whatever is in path.
White type cards is like light, (as black type is darkness), consisting of soldiers and angels. Did I mention cats?
You, the player, is called a Planeswalker. Using mana, you can summon creatures, cast mighty spells, or use artifacts to boost up target creature.
You gain mana generally by using lands. But there are also creatures that have abilities that grant mana. Mana is important, without it you could die fast in one game.
How do you play this game?
There are different types of gameplay for Magic. I'll just explain the one-on-one type.
Both players have 20 life. Each player should have a minimum of 60 cards per deck.
Decide who goes first, and both draw seven cards. First player puts down one land.
You now have one mana that can be used.
There are six types of lands every player should know.
Black-Swamp. Blue-Island. Green-Forest. Red-Mountain. White-Plains.
Creatures or spells have symbols on the top right side of the card. That is your mana cost.
So you see a number one, and two water drops. In the eyes of someone who's played before, you need three mana. Now you need to pay attention to the specifics. You can't just use a Mountain that gives red mana for the blue part. To summon this card, you need two islands. For the part with a number one, the symbolizes colorless mana. That means you can put any type of mana in the place of that one. If you can do that, you have successfully summoned
Jace Beleren.
Now there is a dozen or more things you can learn about this game, like turn phases, abilities, types of cards, yadda yadda...
You can learn more from these links:

So this is the first time I made a long post. You can tell by now that I really like this game. My deck is rather normal in terms of power and strategic type. Here it is.

Name Type Rarity Quantity           Cost
Plains Basic Land Common 28 0
Quicksand Land Common 2 0
Order of the White Shield Summon Knights Uncommon 2 2
Devoted Retainer Creature - Human Samurai Common 2 1
Blade of the Sixth Pride Creature - Cat Rebel Common 2 2
Tundra Wolves Summon Wolves Common 2 1
Order of Leitbur Summon Clerics Common 1 2
Revered Dead Creature - Spirit Soldier Common 2 2
Benalish Hero  Summon Hero Common 1 1
Sidewinder Sliver Creature - Sliver Common 2 1
Porcelain Legionnaire Artifact Creature - Soldier Common 2 3
Peace Talks Sorcery Common 1 2
Disenchant Instant Common 2 2
Gerrard's Wisdom Sorcery Common 1 4
Goldmeadow Dodger Creature - Kithkin Rogue Common 2 1
Serra Angel Creature - Angel Uncommon 2 5
Arrest Enchantment Common 2 3
Day of Judgment Sorcery Rare 1 4
Armored Ascension Enchantment Uncommon 1 4
Cliff Threader Creature - Kor Scout Common 1 2
Konda's Hatamoto Creature - Human Samurai Uncommon 1 2

So it's mostly a low cast army builder with a few surprises in between.
Thanks for reading! Are you a Planeswalker too? Got something to say?
Hit me up in the comments below!
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