Hey guys well school has started...but not so well for me
Well first things first i hope you guys are having a good 
Time in school cuz there are up sides to it
Like seeing your friends again and meeting new people
And to all you freshmen good luck.

Any way this is how my first week went well it did not
Go so well but i still had fun....FRESHMEN YEAR AHHHHH
yup first year of high school i swear it was kinda scary
In my first week i found out that i was in a diffrent class from my
Best friends (rain is one of them)
and i got a conduct card for being late four times in one week.
Gahhhhhhhhh now this week i was hospitalized for asthma
In fact i am writing from the hospital
But like i say there was still good things about it
I am with some of my other really close friend math is kinda easy witch is 
The most important thing XD
So i wish you guys a goood schooool year and good luck


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