Punished Props Kickstarter

Ever wanted a gun?
Do you have money for it too?

Check out...
"A completely new, original design from prop maker Bill Doran, created for DIY makers, costumers and collectors alike!" -Kickstarter Post Description
 I love the business of Propmaking!
I often follow build write-ups of different propmakers.
Although I'll admit, I don't have their dedication.
But their creativity and ingenuity is inspiring for me.

Basically, this project is a boost for Mr. Bill Doran's business,
a one-man prop making manufacturer which basically produces
video game replicas from
amongst others.

As I have said,
I love the business of propmaking,
and so I am absolutely supportive of this project.
However, I can't do much from where I am now.
This post is really from me,
not a plug or anything.

Anyways, go now!
$3,000 more!

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