Summer Quests

Hello all~!!

You might know that I’m very active in my deviantart account. Although I’m having a harder time writing longer things for my blog. Anywho, I’m just saying right now that my summer is pretty chill. I’m drawing quite a bit, composing a song or two, and playing Spiral Knights. Just a short update since I have nothing real to update about.
Although, I can talk about my current sites which you can follow me on.
  • Boringly Cool : This is my main blog, where I basically talk about anything.
  • Hush-Glory : This is my deviantart account, where I draw pon and occasional creatures.
  • //brawn3.exe : This is my newly made tumblr. So far I haven’t posted anything new.
  • @HushGlory28 : This is my new-ish, not really active Twitter account. Don’t bother.
  • ROM.exe : This is my SoundCloud. Obviously i can’t post here that often because music-making is a long and careful process.
  • Bluegod : Okay, no this isn't a website. However, I’d love to play with you on Spiral Knights!
That’s all for now. Baii~
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