Summer Quests!

Just keeping you updated on how we are on our end of Boringly Cool!
Rain went to another beach after her first trip. -_-
Pancho is in his province.

I'm stuck here taking mandatory summer classes.
Karrot is being... a Karrot.
We've been quite busy with our own stuff to be blogging.
*ahem*I have homework*ahem*
*ahem*Karrot has horrible internet/forgets to post*ahem*
*ahem*Rain is still at a beach*ahem*
*ahem*Pancho plays games instead*ahem*

We'll bring ourselves back soon enough.
A video game post tomorrow.
A nonsense Friday post.
A rant about everyday things on Sunday.

Stay digging until I bring back the other authors.
we get back on our feet.

[beach by ~mmpezzotti]

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