"Mad Father is a free-ware horror-puzzle game created by Miscreant's Room made with Wolf RPG Editor. A young German girl named Aya Drevis is living at home with her father simply known as the Doctor and his assistant Maria. One night, Aya hears her father scream and finds her house riddled with corpses and other supernatural things trying to kill her. Not wanting to leave without her father, Aya decides to brave the house and look for him, all while encountering the horrors of what her father has really done."
 Pancho and I have still been raving over it ever since we saw Pewdie play it.
And son of a barrel, we want to play it!
Link 1Link 2 ("The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.")
Sadly I didn't find any Mac links.
I'm sorry Pancho.

It's a pretty legit game, but I was hoping a little-little-little more out of the visuals.

All in all, looks like a fun game.
Once I get the time to play it, I'll share what went down.
And I must say, Aya is so adorable!

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